• DIET






    The first step to face this experience is to be willing and perceptive that the teaching will come from another side. Teaching begins before the night of the ceremony and medicine continues indefinitely in time. The previous teaching begins with the changes in eating habits (it is better to stick to the guidelines if you want to avoid a bad time with the plant in the ceremony). The common goal of the diet is to purify your body and that the physical shock of taking Ayahuasca is not so stormy. The concoction purges and cleanses you, so the more contaminated your body is, the more it will feel the jolt of the purge.


    The diet is basically the following: do not eat red meat and the last two days it is suggested to avoid the intake of derivatives of any animal, do not eat processed foods, or irritants such as spicy or coffee, no alcohol, no recreational or pharmaceutical drugs, no dairy , no sex, rest the three days before the ceremony and maintain the diet the three days after for best results.