Manu Nature Tours




    Manu National Park from Cusco is one of our best tours, exclusively prepared to explore the cultural zone of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. We have designed this 4-days Manu Adventures tour to the jungle of the Manu National Park in Peru, to offer you a broad vision of life in nature. You will have the opportunity to observe the flora, fauna, culture and indigenous traditions.


    Manu National Park is located in the south-east of Peru, at the meeting point of the Andes and the Tropical Amazon Jungle; Manu National Park is one of the largest protected natural parks or reserves in South America. The Manu Biosphere Reserve is home to countless varieties of flora and fauna species, and protects nearly 2 million hectares of territory, and the landscape diversity includes high-Andean grasslands, cloud forests, and lowland tropical forests.


    To enhance your Amazon experience in Manu National Park, we will use ecological lodges, located in the middle of the tropical humid jungle; we will be able to take dips in the rivers and in natural hot springs; We will also carry out nocturnal activities in the virgin areas of the jungle of the Manu National Park.


    In 1987, Manu National Park was recognized as a World Heritage Site, due to its importance for the conservation of global biodiversity. Our 4-days Manu Adventure will take you through the Andes Mountains, the Cloud Forest and the tropical rainforest.


    Why Peru Amazonico Tours?

    Peru Amazónico Tours, is a fully local family-owned tourism operator company. Our manager worked as a tour guide in Manu National Park for more than 20 years, and all his experience is put at the service of the visitors, which is why we pride ourselves on employing well-trained local people.


    * Package/Tour : Manu National Park - 4 Days

    * Frequency       : Daily departures

    * Physical rating: 1-2-3-4-5




    DAY 01 (CUSCO - CLOUD FOREST - PILCOPATA): We pick you up from your hotels very early in the morning in one of our private vehicles, and we will start our trip to “Manu National Park" from Cusco city. The first place to visit this day will be the interesting archaeological site of Ninamarca, with its funerary towers commonly known as "Chullpas". Continuing with our tour we will visit Paucartambo, a picturesque and interesting town of colonial origin (full of folklore). Then we will continue towards the Acjanaco pass (3,600 masl.), which marks the beginning of our trip within Manu National Park (natural viewpoint); then we will descend through a Cloud Forest, the humidity of this area provides an ideal habitat for species such as: Orchids, ferns (ancient plants), bromeliads (epiphytes), mosses, lichens and more. In the fascinating Cloud Forest we will be able to observe: the Spectacled Bear, Monkeys, the Cock of the Rock (Peru’s national bird), the Quetzal and much more. Many species are endemic to this area. We will have lunch on the way and after some activities (walks), we will arrive at "Paraiso Lodge"; our first and cozy lodge near the town of Pilcopata (800 masl.), where we will have dinner and spend the night. In the lodge area we will have the option of doing a short night walk; as well as enjoy a magnificent starry sky.


    DAY 02 (PILCOPATA - ATALAYA - ERIKA LODGE): A delicious breakfast, and then we continue our trip for another hour in our vehicle, making stops to observe the interesting life of the area; then we will arrive at the town of Atalaya (Puerto), here we board our motorized boat (canoe) on the Alto Madre de Dios River, and going upstream, we will have the opportunity to cool off and do a little swimming; to then go down the Alto Madre de Dios River for approximately 40 minutes to our comfortable private lodge "Erika" where we will walk through the interesting system of trails (trails) that "Peru Amazonico" offers you, trying to find some types of monkeys, birds, reptiles, medicinal plants, etc.


    DÍA 03 (ERIKA LODGE – MACHUWASI LAKE - ERIKA LODGE): The location of our lodge is in a transition area between the high and the low jungle (500 to 1,150 meters above sea level). After a nutritious breakfast, we will feel and see the different habitats, the altitude range and the high diversity of wildlife found around this area. Walking through the trail system and near the riverbanks, we will learn about insects, medicinal plants, trees, reptiles, mammals, etc. After lunch and a short rest, we will board our boat, for ten minutes; to then walk for about an hour through a very pleasant path to observe and talk about the interesting flora and fauna of the area, until we reach "Machuwasi Lake", where we will board a rustic raft, and with the help of all our equipment (binocular telescope and books), we will observe a diversity of life such as: ronsocos (capybaras), monkeys, reptiles, great egrets, keskadees, toucans, woodpeckers, cardinals, etc. We will take a night walk to feel the sounds and observe wildlife in the dark such as: alligators, nocturnal birds, mammals, snakes, tree frogs, horned frogs and an incredible variety of insects.


    DAY 04 (ERIKA LODGE - PARROTS CLAY LICK - ATALAYA - CUSCO): We will get up very early, to then board our boat and go downriver for thirty minutes to visit a Parrot Clay Lick (clay wall on the river bank known as "Collpa") in the riverbanks, where many species of parakeets, parrots and macaws such as: the white-eyed parakeet, the blue-headed parrot, the aurora, the chestnut-fronted macaw, etc. go to eat the clay that is rich in minerals and salts that these birds use as supplements to their diet of seeds and fruits. After this activity we return to our lodge and enjoy our breakfast; to then board our boat back to the Port of Atalaya and then our vehicle will take us back to the city of Cusco; on the return trip we will continue looking for more wildlife. We have lunch on the way, arriving in Cusco around dinner time. End of our service...



    • Canopy Zip Down Line (Zipline): Crossing from tree to tree and from platform to platform using pulleys on horizontal cables, enjoying and feeling the view and the adrenaline, in the canopy of the tropical forest.
    • Rafting (Canoeing): You can enjoy 1.5 hours of canoeing (grade I & II) on the Pilcopata and/or Madre de Dios rivers. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery and have fun in these fascinating and refreshing waters.



    • Specialized and bilingual guide
    • Land and river transport
    • First aid kit
    • 01 night in Paradise Lodge
    • 02 night in Erika Lodge
    • Meals (vegetarian option available)
    • River captain and team
    • Guide to the Zip-line and required equipment
    • Water, except the first day



    • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day
    • First day water
    • Beverages such as: sodas, wine or beers
    • Tips and souvenirs



    • Camera
    • Binoculars (binoculars)
    • Long Shirts and pants
    • Bathing suit
    • Warm clothing (in case of cold)
    • Waterproof rain gear (long poncho)
    • Wide brim Hat, sunglasses & Sunscreen lotion
    • Insect repellent 50% DEET
    • Hiking shoes and sandals
    • Flashlight with enough batteries
    • Towel for the entire tour
    • Personal medications and/or supplies
    • Backpack or duffel bag plus a day pack
    • Water to drink the first day, plastic bags
    • Extra money (personal expenses)



    • Specialized and bilingual guide
    • Private land and river transports
    • First aid kit
    • 01 night in Paraiso Lodge
    • 02 nights in Erika Lodge
    • Meals (vegetarian option available)
    • Captain and river boat equipment
    • River Rafting and Canopy Zip-line
    • Required equipment
    • Mineral water (except first day)




    • First day breakfast and last day dinner
    • First day mineral water
    • Drinks such as sodas, wine or beers
    • Tips and souvenirs.




    • Camera
    • Binoculars
    • Long sleeve shirts and long pants
    • Swimming suit
    • Warm clothes (in case of cold front)
    • Waterproof rain gear (long poncho)
    • Wide brim hat and sun glasses for sunny days
    • A 50% DEET Insect repellent (at least)
    • Sunscreen lotion
    • Hiking shoes and sandals
    • Flashlight (enough batteries)
    • Towel for all the tour
    • Personal medication and/or supplies
    • Back pack or duffel bag plus a day pack
    • One bottle of water for the first day, plastic bags...


    Price: US$ 350.00 per person.


    Daily departures - Minimum, 2 participants

     Frequent questions:

    How long in advance should you make a reservation?

    • Reservations can be a minimum of 48 hours in advance. However, places are limited and are always subject to availability. Tickets for Manu National Park, are in high demand, running out months in advance in some cases. For this reason, we recommend making the reservation as far in advance as possible.

    To qualify for discounts for children, students or the Andean community?

    • Participants occupying a place (seats and beds) pay normal rate.

    Are there prices by type of accommodation?

    • Not, on the tour we offer standard accommodation. If preferred accommodation is desired, it must be coordinated with the agency.

    What is the weather like in Manu?

    • Manu is located between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon jungle, having a warm and temperate climate, with an average minimum temperature of 12° C and an average maximum temperature of 24° C. From April to October is the dry season, that is, during that period there is a lower probability of rain, while from November to March is the rainy season. Despite the differentiation every day of the year there is the possibility of rain, since it is a tropical area (rain forest).